Simulation & Surveillance with Verto Discover

Discover the insights that matter most to your organization

Verto Discover is the component of our platform that delivers unparalleled insights into your patient populations.

Verto Discover uses the normalized data created by Verto Connect’s AI-powered integration engine. Filter thousands of clinical features and events across millions of patients to generate discrete cohorts in minutes, not months.

Think of health data as white light. In traditional data analysis, we usually use a basic lens, resulting in a simple and uniform view, like looking through a magnifying glass. The view is zoomed in but otherwise unaltered. 

Now, with Verto Discover, we add a prism to the basic lens. While the basic lens provides one unaltered view, the prism can split the same light into a spectrum of colors. Instead of being stuck with a magnified yet uniform perspective, users can choose how they want to analyze their data using the prism. Each unique query adjusts the angle of the light, revealing a wide range of colors or insights from the same source.

It’s a choice between the clear view of a lens and the multi-dimensional view of a prism. While others are limited to the basic enhancements of a lens, Verto offers both options, allowing users to explore their data as simply or as intricately as they wish.

Verto Discover lets you intuitively analyze and investigate your populations to unearth unexpected insights that can drive better efficiency and financial sustainability.

These insights can also be used to deliver better outcomes by recommending effective interventions, ordering diagnostic testing, or sharing hyper-personalized education modules with patients.