Digital Twin Technology Solves
the Decade-Old Problem of Interoperability & Care Coordination

Digital Twin technology enables seamless patient data sharing between healthcare platforms and healthcare organizations, improving patient outcomes and the patient experience, without disrupting existing EMR or legacy systems.


Care Coordination

Verto’s Digital Twin Platform enables care team coordination and collaboration, reduces printing, faxing & data entry and improves patient outcomes by making it easy to share patient data throughout their care journey and across care organizations.


Hybrid Virtual Care

Verto’s Hybrid Virtual Care Platform links virtual care to traditional in-clinic services connecting schedules, billing, documentation and clinical workflows to maximize patient outcomes and reduce administration workloads.


Patient Engagement Hub

Verto enables Healthcare providers to engage in connected & collaborative relationships with patients and their caregivers. Verto’s Patient Engagement Hub helps build patient knowledge which increases patient safety and encourages patients to own their own care, while driving down manual communication & administrative costs. 


Patient Throughput

Verto automates patient clinical care paths by monitoring, and managing patients’ care journeys, intelligently responding to exceptions with notifications and real-time and predictive intervention to optimize patient throughput. 


MIPS Recovery

Maximize MIPS Recovery & Bonuses, Minimize Penalties. Verto optimizes MIPS recovery by highlighting improvement activities and bonus opportunities at point of care, vs. back end reconciliation. Verto’s built in care coordination, interoperability & patient engagement capabilities maximizes recovery in these areas.


Standard & Non-Standard Clinical Workflows

Verto is configurable to your requirements, allowing you leverage our best practice standard workflows, or easily configure our solution to match your unique non-standard clinical workflows.

We are Redefining Exceptional Care

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