Transform Patient Engagement

Healthcare organizations are seeking connected and continuous consumer relationships that foster trust, enable patient education and support the best outcome health journey of a consumer.

Verto’s Digital Twin Patient Engagement solution helps patients to maximize self-care opportunities, improve patient & care provider resource coordination, reduce administration & maximize efficiency. 

Verto’s Digital Twin Solution
transforms Patient Engagement


Activate Patients & Caregivers

Verto’s Patient Engagement solution empowers patients and caregivers by leveraging clinical data to provide timely access to personalized education and resources via the communication method of their choice.

“I enjoy being able to read information about the unit before my husband was transferred. When I first entered the program it was information overload.It’s helpful to have the information.”

– Patient


Increase in patient & caregiver access to resources


Enable Patient

Verto’s Patient Engagement solution enables patients to self-schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments online, provide arrival notifications, register, receive wait-time notifications, protocol and facility navigation instructions on their computer or mobile device.

“I like just being able to see which patients check in and seeing who is seeing which patient. There’s less running around the clinic.“

– Nurse Manager


Increase in time savings and efficiency reported by nurses


Manage Global Consent

Verto’s Patient Engagement solution supports the PHI consent management process and set of policies for consumers to determine what health information they permit their care providers to access or exchange.

Consent management enables individuals to dynamically update granular PHI privacy, access and usage preferences. 


Manage Patient Surveys

Verto’s Patient Engagement solution automates pre- and post-visit surveys, allowing your organization to gain visibility into how patients perceived their visit. 

Get real-time patient feedback about the quality of your practice’s services and staff communication to fine-tune your operations and increase patient satisfaction. 


Notifications & Reminders

Verto’s Patient Engagement solution uses existing clinical data to drive automated, personalized engagements for patients and caregivers.

Managing a large patient population can be difficult. Simplify coordination through task and roster assignments, automation and individualized reminders.

“My experience with [The Verto Platform] has been very positive. I rely on the email reminders for to track my appointments. I get them right away, they are always visible, and I get reminded leading up to my visit.”

– Patient


Increase in Patient Preparedness


Reduce Admin & Improve Efficiency

Verto’s Patient Engagement solution digitizes clinical and administrative workflows, automating repetitive work, consolidating documentation, while enabling omni-channel patient and caregiver communication.

“It all makes a difference, every little bit helps. Especially on busy days. [The Verto Platform] makes my workflow so much easier and quicker.”

– St. Michael’s Hospital, Clerical Admin


Reduction in time spent on clinical documentation


Trusted by hospital health systems, clinic networks and physicians groups Across North America

customer satisfaction net promoter score (NPS) of 89!


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